How to become a pro Gamer

How to become a pro Gamer

Hello everyone in this article i will talk about how to become a pro gamer

If you are a noob player than you are at the right place, i'm gonna talk some tips and my experience

 that helps you to become a pro player

How to become pro gamer :-why peoples wants to become a pro player

The reason of become a pro player is that

the peoples wants to fully enjoy her gaming
While other reasons are follows
  • Wants earn money from youtube and other platforms by live streaming
  • Good feeling
  • Defeat Anyone

There are some requirement to become a pro gamer

  1. A skilled mobile/pc

    If you are really wants to become a pro player it is necessary to have a skilled mobile/pc

    If your mobile/pc have bad quality than following effect may affect on your gaming

    • Delay in load grafics
    • If your phone/pc have bad quality than grafics may not load fastly and As long as the grafics are loaded, someone has killed you and you got a noob title

    • Controls
    • When mobile display or pc connections have poor quality and they are directly proportional to your gaming experience means

       if your controlls works properly than you can become a pro player.

       If your controlls does not works properly than you can't become a pro player 

      the reason of that you can not able to controll your game

    • Battery
    • If your phone battery can not survive longer time than change it.

      Warning:- Do not play your game while your phone being charged because it promotes lag in your game and heat your mobile

  1. Controls Setting
  2. It is second need to become a professional gamer.
     Your game control should be better organized.
    It is not necessary, your control is like another pro player .
    Your control should be in the way you can properly control .
     It helps you to become a pro player 

  1. Practice
  2. This is the third, last and most recommended requirement

    If you know about some pro gamer how they are becomes pro

    All players lose their time in gaming and do a lot of practice. Then they become pro players

    If you have heard a thought ,

    So you need lot of practice then you becomes a pro player
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